As a family tradition we always use to burn aromatics substances such as Bakhoor or Oudh as a part of the cleansing ceremony for auspicious occasions, that is where the liking for smoky, woody fragrances and aromas in general evolved.

For years I have also been fond of designer fragrances & bathing products with a good sensorial experience. I was lucky to find a partner/husband (Mustafa Bakerally) who was equally passionate about fragrances and had a keen sense of smell. This common passion led to the birth of USM fragrance & accessories.

We believe when you come across an interesting fragrance it completely freezes that moment, it may last a few seconds but surely has a deep and unmatched impact on you. That is what fragrance is to us, a medium to carry you back in time ๐Ÿ™‚

Hailing from a family known for offering wonderful flavours over the past 2 decades through the unique fruit product offerings, it seemed appropriate to take this relationship of flavours ahead and go beyond satisfying the sense of taste to satisfying the sense of smell of our customers.

As a brand we strive to always be in touch with our customers, and hence as Co-founders as well we try and personally connect with our customers physically at our stores in Panchgani and Lonavala. This interaction is equally appreciated by our customers and we hope to keep this unchanged.